Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Still Alive

Haven't touched WH40k since a short painting binge over the summer and selling off my terrain. Unfortunately, it will still be some time before I get into it again. The trouble with the game is, its so damn expensive! I also find it hard to make time for it these days with being a full time student, having a social life and being in a foriegn country.... There's only two people I know that speak english that I can play against, and well, I don't care too much for playing with them normally... Maybe after I get german down a bit better I'll make it out to my local GW and throw some dice.

In the mean time, I've gotten back into Halo again. Doing my old forging routine. You can follow my map creation (and drama) over at schnitzelmaps.blogspot.com as well as forgehub.com.