Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gaming and Such

Lot been going on lately... kinda. First and foremost, a summery by bullets.
  • Joined the Iron Fist League gaming group
  • Played 2 games in the past week
  • Still hanging out in Quantico
  • Got a 96 (4 day weekend) coming up
  • No news on where I'm gonna be stationed
Alright, Iron Fist League... Meets every Tuesday night at Games Parlor in Woodbridge, Va. Its the closest hobby store to Quantico base, and pretty top notch at that too! Friendly environment all around, both gamers and store staff included. All the guys in the gaming group are pretty chill, very easy to get along with. Their lists are a bit competitive, but I'll make due in time.
As for the two games... Last week I played against an IG army at 1500 points. I through down a hasty list with a low model count, tons of Oblits, some Plauge Marines and some Berserkers. He brought a nasty Russ with plasma cannons, a Psyker battle squad, a ton of foot sloggers with Commisars, a Callidus Assasin and a Inquisitor. We rolled for spearhead and territories. I said screw my objective and rushed to the slaughter.... and was slaughtered by volleys of flash light fire. My Oblits did manage to do some damage though, but not enough in the long run. It was a valuable learning experience.
Second game, last night.... I played against a Fateweaver Nurgle Demon build. Annihilation. I got stomped.... bad... Couldn't get a good shot off at the Fateweaver and the re-rolls he was granting all the Plauge Bearers was making it virtually impossible for me to wear them down. Game ended at 8 to 2 in my opponents favor.
Both guys I played against were very curtious and gracious enough to help me through the game, answered all my questions and gave me some helpful insight and tips for future games. I had a great time and look forward to playing again. Hopefully my learning curve will soon bring me up to speed and capable of winning a couple games.
This weekend is a 96 hour liberty weekend! Renting a car and embarking on the long and tedious 9 hour drive back home to OHIO! First time visiting home in 17 months and I am stoked! Going to do some car shopping while I'm there as well as pick up a new laptop from Skunkarific Computers, the only computer store I trust.
Over all, I must say life is pretty good. Hopefully I'll get properly situated here in Quantico soon and can continue on with my life. All I have to do is pass the time till August 2010 and I am set. :

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Still Kickin

Its been over a week since I've last posted, but I'm still going. Its gonna be a while before I can get back to regular updates again.
At the moment I'm currently stuck in limbo. Not sure if I'll be staying in the D.C. area or getting pushed out on a new assignment. That being what it is, I have yet to settle down and do not have a reliable source of internet aside from my newly acquired crack berry.
On the upside of things, I finally managed to get a proper game in with some one who actually knows the rules! Ah, the benefits of playing with others who speak english as a primary language. ;)
As for that game.... I made a hasty list with the smallest model count as possible... then went against a competitive guard list. Haha. I got stomped, but it was a fun time and a major learning experience for me.
Next Tuesday I'll be going back to Game Parlor for another round, only this time I'll bring a better prepared list.