Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Halo: Reach Map Vids

Hey every one! Just throwing up a quick post to keep this blog alive as well as show you what I've been working on during my spare time. Here we have two of my latest map creations in Halo Reach, Amalgam and Cold Snap. Amalgam is currently in consideration for the MLG (Major League Gaming) Playlist. Wish me the best of luck in getting it accepted. The video's were edited and posted by my good friend Jeff, aka Bleuprint. He's got some wicked tracks (the songs are his creations) and a good eye for the camera. Thanks a ton man!

The second map, Cold Snap, is a symmetrical re-imagination of Halo: CE's Chill Out. It was co-forged by Bleuprint, Mac xL and myself. 

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