Saturday, February 14, 2009

Home of the Eclipsed Light of Antony the Marked!

This here blog is meant to be the media for myself to express my "nerdy" indulgences which range anywhere anime to comics or card games to warhammer. With Warhammer 40k being my primary obsession at the moment, most likely we'll follow that. I'll be posting updates in regards to my custom chapter "The Black Suns" as I slowly progress in its developement.

A little background on my "Eclipsed Light":

The Eclipsed Light are a historical inspired chapter in the "service" of chaos. They are based off of Mark Anthony when he fled to Egypt and thus have a heavy Egyptian and Roman influence. To further parrell history, the chapter master is named "Antony the Marked" and the chapter has recently turned its back on the Imperium and fled into the Maelstrom in alliance with the Red Corsairs. Expect to see a lot of thousand sons heads.
For the color scheme I was inspired by the Tomb Kings from Warhammer Fantasy. The Hawk Turquois and purple hued Scab Red colors shown on the box really carry a strong egyptian feel that I thought would look great for the primary colors of my marines. I plan to accent this further with gold and scaly green. I'm still experimenting on how to go about painted my models to get the desired look.
I'll be posting some actuall photo's of my models as soon as possible.


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