Thursday, August 13, 2009

Say What? I Have a Blog?

It's not that I forogt I had a blog really, it's just that I've been to lazy to get around to it. Not even that really... I haven't accomplished much of anything worth blogging about. My army has steadily built up over time into a rather menacing Apoc sized force, however I've neglected to paint just about any of it. Heheh.... but that's changing as we speak.

The main reason behind me not painting or developing my blog can be directly contributed to a few things. Europe and girls. I'm young, I'm a Marine, I have enough money to live fairly well and I was living in Vienna. It was always work work work, party party party, and spending time with the girl friend. I'd spend some time building my models and converting stuff (9 converted Obliterators). And when I was lucky I'd have enough time off during the day (thanks gunny) to find my way to GW and play a game against my buddy. Typically I'd loose as I've just started playing this past year and have yet to learn the ins and outs of winning tactics. Thankfully blog reading (FTW) has changed that for me. *Insert BlackMatt shout out*

So why would things change now for me and my army's developement? Well, I moved. Where to? The middle east! Gah! *cries* No women, no girlfriend, no alcohol and sadly, no GW either. No one to play and not crap to do but work, gym, internet lurk and paint. My modeling supplies are still in transit (mail) but I do have the bulk of my army here and have started making way on painting. I've successfully painted a full squad finally! *cheers* I've been doing a lot of painting actually, and will have hopefully another couple of squads done this week.

On another note, I've changed my army up a bit. I've been busy writing fluff and what not and trying to decide on a proper background story to give my (fallen) chapter justification. While originally my entire chapter was going to feature the same basic themes (Egyptian), I've now decided to model it as a warband. Having lost so many members as casualties when breaking ties with the Imperium its only right that the chapter has turned to taking rouge Marines from other chapters into their fold. So far we have a squad of Alpha Legion (chosen space marines), a squad of Skyrar's Dark Wolves (MOK space marines) and a squad of Plauge Marines of unknown origin (read undecided).

Thats all for now. I'll post some pics when I get home from work.

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  1. Well, welcome to the regular blogging community. I'll add you. :)