Sunday, June 13, 2010

'Ard Boyz Stumble

Played in the semi's yesterday. Had an amazing time and played quiet well... however my body did not take to kindly to the day. As I am still recovering from a broken leg, have caught some upper respritory crud and am fried (nasty sunburn) from washing cars all day Friday, my body just shut down on me. Maybe if the store wasn't blistering hot and muggy... But what do you expect in a small crowded place full of grown men? Of course it was going to be nasty.
So I played in two games. The first game went amazing well in my favor. I gave up maybe 400 VPs total and claimed a Major Victory againt my 'Villa Space Marines opponent. He was a very polite and well mannered player despite how brutal a beating he was taking. Major props to him for not letting the game drag him down.
Not much to say on the game, I went second and weathered the storm of gunfire he threw at me and from then on it was assaulting and steam rolling....

Game two was another great game with a top notch opponent. My BA Stormraven build vs a fairly well ballanced JP/Mech BA build. The game was leaning in my favor till the top of 4.... A risky move on my part to kill a Vindicator (it succeeded) cost me my Stormraven that help my 10 man Assault Squad that I needed to pull a Major Victory. At this point I considered playing for a Minor Victory or Minor Loss, but that would kill both of our chances at Top 3 so I changed my game plan to allow a slightly better outcome for one of us... Needless to say, my opponent was very pleased with the game results.

Over all I had a great time. The crowd was very friendly and well mannered. The store was well organized and the staff were very helpful and curtious at all times. The only real downsides is my sucumbing to ailment and the blasted AC being too weak.

The three and a half hour drive home sucked too... Trying to smoke a black and mild while fighting some upper respritory infection is not smart.... Cough attacks all the way back. Ugh.


  1. Cancer sticks are never a GOOD plan. lol

    Also, how come you didn't play the third game?

  2. The under the weather blahs is why I left early, hence before the third game. I was contemplating sticking around for it just so I wouldn't throw off even number of players, however the blahs definitely won out on that decision. The other players were understanding about it though and I'm sure they found a ringer to throw in. So long as no harm was done I'm relieved. I hate making things difficult for others ya know.

  3. Hey Tyler,

    I'm actually the guy who got crushed in the first round, pretty funny that I'd just come across your blog the other week when you posted your list to BoLS and mentioned going to Harrisburg for semis. I just connected it all together to you specifically from the comment here about your leg.

    Pretty quickly in the match I was so screwed it went well beyond being stressful at all, particularly as you seemed a pretty cool guy to play against. Like I said, that was my first exposure to the new BA and I was definitely not prepared for that many Dreads and Stormravens. Really I didn't expect to do super well at the tournament, I mostly just went to go get some exposure to the lists and playstyles there, which are worlds removed from the much more casual atmosphere among my usual play group. It was definitely a successful experience from that viewpoint.

    Rich the TO wound up playing another guy in the last round to cover the odd number of players. They seemed to have a great time (they were at the next table in the 3rd round), so that seemed to work out fine.

    Again, awesome job on the Stormraven builds. The Chaos flavored take on the army was also pretty interesting, you just gotta get that painted up and it should be awesome.

    Sorry you didn't feel so well, but I'm glad we got a game in!

  4. Ah Joe, nice to see you found this.
    Thanks again for being a great sport again man, I really enjoyed playing with you.
    Funny thing about our game though, it could have easily went in the other direction on turn one. If you had only managed to pop the Stormravens it would have debunked my entire list. Pop the birds, drop you're Dreads in front of my Death Co, and laugh while my army is mired in assaults they're actually struggling with. :O

    I'm pretty much in the same boat as you as far as goal orientation with 'Ard Boyz. First timer as well here. However, it didn't seem altogether different from the typical play styles from the guys at GPW. :P

    Glad that Rich filled the gap I left. I was really hesitant about leaving because I know how much a 'bye' can spoil the tournament for some players.

    Thanks again for everything.