Thursday, September 16, 2010

Great News!

After a month and a half of living in Vienna, my father is finally shipping my possesions over here for me! What does this include? Well, aside from some cold winter cloths (hopefully), my TV and Xbox 360 (power converter still needed...), a big green box... What is this big green box?


And inside?

My old Chaos army, my Blood Angles / Chaos kitbash Army, 5 Dreads, a full motor pool, two drop pods and three Storm Ravens. Mmmmm, smexy.
Can't wait to get back to work on my Winged Berserkers.
Also, I'm dying to get my hands on the new Daemon Prince model and convert it into a count-as Gabriel Seth. Give him a nasty scratch built chain sword, a 40mm base, and lots of sweet doodads and he'll make a fun fluffy inclussion for my forces.

Of course, being in Vienna I have a limited pool of players to game with. Language barrior. Also, as the game scene here is more casual fun than competition, I'm gonna need to tweak my lists to drop them down a notch... If all you do is stomp on people, pretty soon no one will want to play you. :(

Sadly, I won't be buying any models any time soon.... Kind of in a financial bind at the moment. Waiting for funds from the Veteran Affairs to pay for University and Housing. Also looking for a job... Hello English bar tending... Dun dun dun...

And that sums up todays blurt. Time to enjoy the night.

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  1. Okay... Here we are a month and some change later... Still haven't got it... But the old man finally agreed to mail it over. Bitched about it proper too.... Bah! At least I'm getting my plastic crack finally.