Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just a Quickie

Back from my short (20 day) vacation home to Ohio! Great time, partied a lot but did nothing hobby related... Well, I did one thing hobby related. I accidentally brought my army along with me, which I then set in my little brothers room to have trunk space for beer and a beer pong table. Lawl.

Went to my FLGS Tuesday night for my last night there. Didn't have my army, but I brought my new terrain I got in the mail for the other gamers to use. Unfortunately it was a low turn out night and no one got to break the terrain in. Got a lot of comments on it though. Positive feed back. I'd post pics of it, but my camera was also left in Ohio. :O

I finish up my tour with the Marine Corps in four days. Monday I take off on Terminal Leave and return to Ohio to visit family and friends. Then come August I'm off for Wien, Austria to kick off college and the rest of my life. This unfortunately means there will be a long hiatus from posting here. Occasionally I might drop a few lines to leave updates on my life, but until my gaming good get shipped off there will be nothing hobby related.

Until then, I wish every one the best.

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