Thursday, August 5, 2010


Oops, another trivial post intended to keep the blog alive while I'm away from the hobby. :O

Successfully moved to Austria finally. Been here for two days now, living off of a extremely frugal allowance and little to no possesions. Everything I own is scattered around the globe, from boxes in Oman to the wasteland that is Ohio. All I have with me here are clothes and some assorted comforts... 'Tis a sad sad life, but enjoyable none the less... After the month things should pick up, I'll be a bit busy and have an actual income again. Plus I'll start getting my possesions shipped over! I shall return to 40k before you know it!

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  1. Great to hear you've made the big move, good luck reclaiming all your scattered belongings and getting back to 40k. I rather enjoy "trivial" posts that include some real life info, even if only for a better sense of context and personality. Without the trivial, my blog would barely exist. ; ) Cheers!