Sunday, October 17, 2010


Been here in Vienna for two and half months now... Lord knows how many boxes I've recieved that my father has mailed over, yet none are one of the first things I asked for... My plastic crack!
With every shipment I tell him I seriously want this one specific box. It's not hard to find either, its a giant Battle Foam case. Its green! Its sitting in a room of cardboard boxes. Come on, it freaking stands out!
But still, it sits back in Ohio... And I'm left with cravings for this awful addiction. I want to cut, hack, slash and glue together little bits of plastic! I want to paint! I want to kill hours of free time working on getting just the right pose!
I suppose maybe my father doesn't support this hobby of mine... He doesn't even know the expenses involved, but I think he's against it because its "childish" and crap like that. Grown men shouldn't have "toy soldiers". Bah! What a lame.


  1. A good opportunity to invest in a new setting, a new scale :)

  2. Not entirely sure I follow you actually... lol.

  3. Unless of course your meaning new setting/scale is a new tabletop game... That be the case, very non-plausible as 40k is rare enough here in Wien as is, finding a place for FoW and the like would be even harder! And the language issues... At least GW employees here are fluent in German and English... The manager being English himself. :)
    And then there's the "poor Uni student" conundrum... Bah! I'd go buy a new 40k Model and paint that if it wasn't for this issue. :(

  4. :/ Sorry for inadvertently rubbing it in the other night! lol

    Makes you feel any better I didn't actually bother doing any painting...

  5. All is well, I got the old man to cave and mail the army out. "Waaaah, it costs me $20 to mail you these boxes" he goes. "Waaaaaah, I have an empty flat and that box costs a couple months income anyhow!" :O

    And btw King, you really should invest in a mic. :P