Thursday, October 21, 2010

Conform! Conform! Conform!

I've spent the majority of my young life fighting comformity. Its one of the few things I truely despise. Something about every one being the same... It irritates me to no end. I've always been a bit of a rebel with a cause, a James Dean if you will, and my play style and army lists I try to craft to reflect this.
This is more or less a rant about the internet and what the people at BoLS and YTTH claim. There are varying factions between the two, but the point is that the all conform to a certain ideal of what is a competitive list. Everything is either Good or FAIL, with the former being a minortiy in unit options. No matter what codex you use, no matter how versatille it is, there are only a few "builds" these people consider good. They've got list building down like its some science.
Now here's where they loose me... What reason do they have to claim X unit is awesome but W, Y, and Z all suck. Why is it this unit such a fail choice? Does everything really have to be stream lined to kill and last the entire game? What about expendable units? Effective point sinks? I understand some Math Hammer and that some units really do suck while others shine, but I believe there are many shades of grey between the two! This is a very dynamic game we play that is also heavily influenced by "randomness" (statistics) and luck. I'm positive there are more workable builds and useful units than what the high horses at BoLS and YTTH claim.
Essentially, what I'm saying is we should all strive for our own unique builds. We shouldn't confrom that only X units can win a game because So-n-So claim it to be. Let us unlearn what the internet has tried to shove down our throats and build our armies as we, the individuals, see best.


  1. I completely agree. A lot of what is written on BoLS, for example, comes out of a small corner of the US and is hardly reflective of the wider world and all of the many ways to play 40K. It is also heavily affected by the view that tournament and harder competitive play is what the game is all about. Someone at BoLS recently put up a link to comments by the designers in which they remarked that fifth edition is a actually a conscious move away from ultra-competition and that Rogue Trader, i.e. first edition, even recommended a games master! The 40K rules are too loose to let the game be played comfortably in this way.

    I say play for fun and explore the game, try new lists and new scenarios. Also no game seems quite right without modifications and in my view every battle should have some mutually-agreed fun imbalance, a bizarre event or factor and a little more character from the game world.

  2. BoLS and YTTH are sadly popular, but ultimately complete crap.

  3. Its funny that blogs like BoLS and Jawaballs are what influenced me most when I first got into this hobby, yet now I find myself on the opposite side of the fence from them.

  4. You join the army and you are against comformity...

    weirdo :P

  5. Did I mention I'm terribly impulsive and sometimes make no sense? :D