Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halo: Reach

Months ago while I was still state side I had participated in the public Beta for Halo Reach. My impression of the game back then was anything but good. It was flakey, glitchy, and weapons/grenades were unballanced... And thats just the tip of the iceberg.

Well here we are some while later after the game has been released. I decided to pick it up and give it a spin. Campaign was very dry, typical cut and paste Halo Campaign. Nothing special. But then again, its the multiplayer that makes Halo sell so well. Today I decided to give that a spin.
Honestly, Bungy did a hell of a job cleaning the game up since the Beta... Just not good enough. :/
Sprint + Double Beatdown? WTF is that shit? Non-registering shots with the DMR? Alright... Flakey playlists? Eh.... Rank based armor permeations? Lame. And movement seems a bit gimmicky in close quarters... But that could be because I'm several months removed from being a gamer, and it does not come naturally for me at all.
You might say I should cut Bungy some slack... I say otherwise. For having such a popular game that is treated as a competitive venue, Bungy has a commitment to its customer/fan base to make this the best damn product it can be. I feel that this was really a cut and dry project. Its a game they made with primarily the money in mind... They already knew it would sell well. Hell, they probably know they could package a bag of shit, lable it Halo and still make record sales. Fortunately, Bungy has some moral commitment of some sort...

All in all, my first impression of Reach is not good. Its rather disapointing. I'm hoping that over the coming months Bungy will release patches and updates to improve the game to the level their fans deserve.


  1. I admit the melee-range movement needs a little tweaking...but the Rank-based armour is merely cosmetic. Can't say I've had DMR issues either.

    I'm biased, I <3 Reach.

  2. After I drag my happy ass outa bed, I'll be on as well... Halo, no matter how many nuances I have with it, is still addicting. :P
    GT: SecretSchnitzel if you want to game.