Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reaching Forward: U-Bahn

My latest map and first truly original work by me. It's based off of the Underground Station a few blocks away from where I live. It's a large symetrical map that is also capable of playing CTF.

 Map Overview.
 Side street. Needlers are found here as well as a side enterance to Green Perch.
 Red spawn. The building is the train station terminal.
 Red spawn leading to Red Snipe Street. You can see the sniper justting out by the far building.
 Inside the train terminal.
 Green perch. Ideal for sniping the city street and base spawns.
 City Street. You find a evade Armor Ability here.
 Canal Street. Under the ramps are shotguns.
 Blue Spawn.
 Having just out DMR'd a Blue, this Red sprints to a Medpack and safety...
 Green Perch is relatively easy to grenade from below... But its just as easy to dive to safe... Or is it?
 Green Perch isn't always the best place to be... If you don't keep your head on a swivel, some one might sneak up and gank you.
 One of the many hectic flag attempts along River Street...
 When playing CTF, River Street is the ideal way to run the flag (granted you can control it). Here three Reds make a run after a beautiful steal.
Newly added to the Terminal, a derailed train. Here a Red sprints to safety having found the rockets missing and some one lurking nearby...

And there you have it.
The map should play similar to The Pit.


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