Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reaching Foward; Yosemite

Halo Reach gives us an amazing and powerful new version of Forge. First introduced in Halo 3, Forge has now been revamped to be more user friendly and is full of limiteless posibilites. However, despite all of its amazing features, Forge is severely limitted by a bland palette of building blocks and colors. Furthermore, there is a lack of "natural" blocks aside from rocks. This has resulted in what I consider a "sea of gray". Most all maps are very drab and full of the same gray building blocks... Few have natural aesthetics, and none so far are composed of only the natural aspect. I've taken it upon myself to design a map that is 100% building free, composed completely of the natural aesthetics already available on the map and on the forge palette. The result is Yosemite, a symetrical(ish) small map built outdoors on the Montano peninsula. It is a small map intended for 4v4 competitive play and MLG. As of right now its in its final stages of developement, needing only to be cleaned up and ballanced properly followed shortly by play testing.

Below is a general over-view of the map. The red box is where the red team initially spawns, while the blue spawn (underneath the blue box) on the mirrored side of the map. The two black boxes indicate elevated perches ideal for sniping (or DMRing) from. The green boxes are teleporter nodes that connect the backfield of the map.

The rock bridge in the center is where the power weapon will spawn. At the moment it is a Sniper Rifle with only one spare clip. Below it is a Rocket Launcher with no spare clips. DMRs will be placed throughout the map.

There are multiple avenues of approach to all key positions on the map. The rocky cliff face is climbable and acts as a back door to the snipe perch and central plateau.  There is also ample cover throughout the map.

The snipe rocks have a strong advantage point over the mid to back field of the map, however they are are vulnerable as well to balance out their strength.

This map was inspired by Beaver Creek and MLG maps such as Onslaught and Amplified. Top control will play a large part in this map, however it should not be over powered given the openness and easy navigability of the map.


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