Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reaching Foward: Amalgam

My latest WIP on the Halo Reach Forge scene is a combination of features from a handful of popular maps throughout the Halo franchise. The predominant maps that influenced this were Assembly (H3 Mythic Map Pack) and Guardian, with the centerpeice being inspired by Derlict (H:CE). This map is also considered by some of the testers to be remiscent of Foundation (H2) and Warlock.

This is a Asymetrical map that is currently in it's Beta Phase. I'm currently working on fine tuning the spawn system and setting the map up for ballanced competitve play. The main gametype that shines on this map (aside from TS obviously) is Team Ball. As of so far its been a fun experience to both make and play. If you would like to get involved in playtesting, send me a FR. GT: ProxiSchnitzel.

 Gold base, featured above, draws its inspiration from both the bases on Assembly as well as Gold 2 from Guardian.
 The center piece (below and above) was inspired by Derelict. The drop down is a feature from Assembly, however there is not a jump pad underneath for easy access to the top.
Blue Room (top) is another feature from Guardian. As you might suspect/hope, there is also a green (shotty) hall underneath with a drop down between the two.
 Purple side (above) is a lovely amalgam (combination) of aspects from Guardian, Assembly and Foundation. And the left side you have an "Elbow" that leads to Purple Tower (or Rocket Tower), which also has a lift from bottom floor to P3. The right side is based off Foundations exterior walkways, however this has been rounded out. This section is also where the oddball spawns.
And finally we have Red Car (above). This was inspired by the car side of Assembly where you would find the Regen Equipment normally. Here we now have the Evade Armor ability.

As of so far this map has played very well and fairly ballanced. I'm hoping to have it ready for release by friday.


  1. Looking neat. Have you got the Noble Maps?

  2. Just got 'em yesterday. Suprised to see a comment on this, lol. I've been using this to upload photo's for use in forums. :P