Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finally! I'm Back!

Misfortune recently fell upon me and I found myself hospitalized for a stomach virus of all things. Embarassing story that I feel no need to give the details of, but the gist of it is that I was out for the past three days. Its amazing how disconnected three days of no internet leaves you... Proves just how addicting the interwebz really is.
So here I am back at work again for another lovely stint of the night shift. Found a couple of pleasant surprised when I came in too. Mail! What'd I get?

-Terminator/Assault troop tray from BattleFoam
-Catachan Command Squad
-Space Marine Scout Squad
-Tube of Green Stuff
-'Tank Shock' Edition of White Drawf

The troop tray was a big thing for me. I have the 1520 battle foam load out already (minus the bag) and that doesn't provide enough space for my plethora of Terminator and Obliterator models. I currently have (thanks to space hulk) 35 Terminators and 12 Obliterators! Yikes!
With the new Catachan and Scout bits I can now finish my IG Vets squad. I want to build a whole army in the manner of my Afriel Strain vets, but its freaking time consuming and costly!
The green stuff was actually a mistake on my part. When I ordered it I was under the impression that I was out of my own stock... turns out I just didn't look hard enough and I still had two full tubes. Now I got two n a half.
Having moved from Vienna to Muscat, Oman recently; my subscription to WD got lost in transition. I finally got the replacement copy I ordered though. Hopefully I can get my next copy before I move again.

Also had sitting in my room, much to my surprise, four giant boxes of all my house hold goods that got shipped in from Vienna. They've been sitting in Oman's Customs department for the past three weeks and finally got approved. Yay! I'm not going to open them though... I'm hoping to be rotating back the the states here soon. Or so I pray.... This country is driving me mad!


  1. On the green stuff, just stick it in a ziploc and throw it in the freezer. This will keep it fresh for much longer than having it sitting out. It does help to pre-cut it into smaller blocks so that you don't have to thaw out the whole tube any time you need more.


  2. Thanks for the freezer tip. I have such a surplus, it'd be a great idea.... however my cook or my fellow Marines that I live with would probably toss is out by mistake... No one ever asks before they chuch crap in my house. :/