Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heroes: Season 3 Volume 4

After the first half a season three of Heroes I find myself a tad burnt out. The way it seems rushed, cliche and over the top really left a bitter taste in my mouth. I found myself disappointed with the direction the show has taken since season two. Its as if the writers don't really care about the content so much anymore, they know it will sell anyways.
Anyways, I finally decided to give the second half of season 3 a shot. Volume 4: Fugitives proves to be more of the same rehashed garbage that the writers have been throwing around for what seems like forever now. Characters have sudden persona changes to fit the plot, powers still turn on and off from quirky gimmicks and there are more loose strings than I can even count. New characters are introduced and dropped like its no big deal, they're just left stranded in thin air while old ones make a cameo for a brief moment only to vanish from existence again.
The Petrelli family continues to bicker and fight as always, Cheerleader continues to have daddy issues, Peter can't stop being emo and Matt Parkman continues to make goofy faces and be the annoying ass I find him to be. It doesn't help that every one, well almost every one... but I'll get to that in a minute, are terribly predictable. The only characters who really aren't predictable are the villains!
Well, Nathan Petrelli isn't really predictable, but that tends to happen when his character's persona is rewritten time and time again. Sylar is the main attraction of the show though. Sure he has daddy issues still, but that doesn't change a thing. Sylar is still the be all end all BAMF we all know and love.
At the moment I'm at episode 22, about to kick it as soon as I wrap this up. There plot has seemed rather incoherent and sporadic throughout the season so far, contrary to the well pieced plot of season 1. I'm hoping that things start clicking together here at the very end...
And now..... *clicks play*

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  1. Having now finished the series, I'm not altogether disappointed. While the last four episodes where just as quirky and full of holes as any other, especially with Hiro's on-again-off-again powers, they did grab hold of me and keep me well entertained.
    One thing I noticed about season 3 was the end of "god-mode" for many of the characters. Hiro's abilities got nerfed hard, as did Peter's. The quirky eclipse ploy used during volume 3 really set the ground work for this, which in turn made the seasons epic battle ending what it is. Sylar of course still is in god-mode, which is all the better because it makes the "heroes" the underdogs of the series.
    I'd say more, but my mind is too convoluted with work related worries at the moment so I'm going to leave it at this. Season 3 is not a complete failure.