Sunday, September 6, 2009

Space Hulk!

So here I was this morning, at work minding my own business and enjoying life in my glass box when one of my fellow Marines walks in with a box. A big box. A heavy looking big box. So I think to myself, what could any one have ordered that comes in a heavy looking big box... I know I ordered something, thats for sure. So lo and behold, Space Hulk has arrived! Whooooo!
After I finished assembling everything I took some silly pictures. Enjoy.

They thought the mission was over, that the hulk was cleansed. They partied it up in the style of the brothers of Fenris. Little did they know, something came back with them....

Complacency kills Marine! Don't let this happen to you!

They swarm rises up to claim their prize....

Too much blue? Too bad. Haha. Can't wait to get this lot painted up.
It will have to wait though... Hakanor's Reavers are holding the painting table and look determined not to let it go.
Now all I need to do is convince one of my fellow Marines to play the game with me....


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