Thursday, September 3, 2009

Need a Photo Box Bad!

Here we have the test model for a new squad I started months ago. Being a Chaos Warband, I have no problem incorporating different color scemes and such into my forces. My original intention for this squad was that overtime their dedication to Khorne corrupts their bodies and souls resulting, which is depicted by the gradual progression of the blackness and flames. The squad was originally going to be in my chapters colors, however I've decided that only a few models will feature the blue and red of the Eclipsed Light. This squad is a small detachment of Hakonor's Reavers, and as new inducties from the Eclipsed Light spend more time in the unit they are slowly warped into the beserkers that the Reavers are.

Here's a shot of my painting table and the whole squad primed and ready. Originally I was going to name the squad 'Long Horns', but have scratched that. They will recieve a proper Latin name that has yet to be decided. Also, you may not the marine on the right lacks horns. He'll be getting replaced ASAP. Just need a new can of primer to prep his replacement...

I've hinted at my corupted Chaplain, Seti Ubaid, from time to time. Here's some more pictures of him and a bit of fluff on the character. The pictures are crap, I know. New pics of my entire army will be posts as soon as I PCS back to the States and make a photo box.
Seti Ubaid, or Seti the Faithful, is one of Antony's trusted advisors from his 'Gypo Legionaires'. Seti is known as the faithful for the fact that despite being a chaplain to the ruinous powers, his heart is still dedicated to the Emperror of Man. He's sold his soul to grant his brothers (both loyal and corrupt) safe travels through the warp and has continued to conduct the sacrifices and sermons required to keep the dark god's favor.

Game play wise, Seti is one of my Slanesh Jump Lords with Lash. I'm cheap, I know.
He was painted Scab Red and given many generous coats of Badab Black to darken it to my liking. He has Hawk Turquois trim on one shoulder pad to show his loyalty to the Eclipsed Light, which is the former name of Antony's warband.
The top of his staff broke off and needs replaced. That will be done some day... eventually...
Also, I plan on placing a book of Chaos in his upturned hand. Possibly sculpt some green stuff flames to levitate it on. Not too sure on that as my GS skills are very rudimentary.


  1. Your pic problems are not because of a photo box - the camera is focusing on the objects behind the miniature. Photo #2 is clear, but that's a long range group shot.

    Use the Macro setting. Have the figure 8+ inches away from the camera. Center the figure in the middle third of the frame (crop out extra white space later). If your camera has any sort of light balancing for spot vs group, use that too.

    That and appropriate sacrifices to the camera gods - no more fickle lot has ever existed....

  2. Noted.
    Thanks for pointing that out to me. I always figured if wouldn't focus properly because I didn't have a clear background.