Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Not much going on for me at the moment. Managed to some how crash my operating system (linux: PCLoS07) and am running it off the boot disk for the time being, unfortunately this is also slowing my computer down terribly and preventing me from uploading any pics. Blast.
I'm all packed up to take off... kinda... I want to finish painting my Reavers first before I pack them and everything that'll be on top of 'em. All I got left on them at this point is the layer of Golden Yellow and touch ups with Chaos Black.
Just finished reading World War Z. I enjoyed it thoroughly, despite the restless nights as I struggled to fall asleep. Haha. Yes, despite being a Marine I in fact did become quite spooked by this book. The author paints this beautifully graphic and disturbing that will leave you 'chilled' for hours. More haunting than the scariest of movies!
Unfortunately, I'm not left bootless until I visit the base exchange in a few days... Maybe I'll pick up a good magazine at the airport or something.

Thats it for now. Don't expect many updates in the coming weeks... I'm going to be a tad busy with settling in to my next unit, shopping for a car, and whatever else life throws at me. Hopefully I'll find a hobby store to get a game in sometime in the near future though. I haven't had a game since July...


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