Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today I....

Did a whole lot of nothing.... Hobby related anyways.
Up until 1700 in the afternoon I was under the impression that my detachment was still scheduled for an inspection from our Region XO tomorrow. I also had overslept till 1300, which really didn't help me out time management either... So anyways, I cleaned all day and put away my giant mess of a hobby workspace so that the XO wouldn't flip a switch on me tomorrow when he toured the MSGQ.
By time I learned the whole inspection was canked I was too lazy to bother fooling around with my plastic crack. I instead busied myself with reading Ravenor, as I finished Eisenhorn over a week ago. I also then snuck into the gym for some heavy lifting while the rest of the Marines were out... Not supposed to be lifting for awhile per doctor's orders but I really can't resist myself. :P
Got the morning shift tomorrow followed up with a lovely chat with my GySgt... Hopefully it won't get ugly... And hopefully come the end of the week I'll be packing my bags to PCS back to the states. Who knows...
Wish me luck.


  1. So come on then, what did you think of Eisenhorn.

  2. Well, if I'm gonna open my mouth to say... I might as well write a full blown book report post. :p
    Hmmm... Maybe I should get on that... After I finish Ravenor.... and Heroes Vol.4.... :O
    But seriously, I'll write something up in a bit. ;)