Saturday, September 19, 2009

Woah! So Much Going On!

Alright, first up, here's a picture of my latest WIP; Hakanor's Reavers. Upfront and center is the Aspiring Champian who has the option between a Power Fist or Power Weapon for his wargear. I built him before actually knowing the rules of the game... dun dun dun. Anyways, no matter, he has a bolter and bolt pistol per his codex entry anyways. Hopefully I don't bump into any WYSIWYG nazis. :/

I also realized something blatantly obvious recently. Hakanor's Reavers are nothing more than Black Legion CSMs with lava legs! Wha!? Shocker! Haha.
All I got left on these guys are to touch up around the gold with some Chaos Black and add lava lines to the legs.

Some news from my life now... I'm moving again! What!? Again!? You've only just settled in finally!
Well yeah, but things change. I'm heading back to the D.C. for some stuff.... What stuff exactly I don't wish to disclose, but I'm just happy to be going back to America. Lets leave it at that.

Managed to pack into two foam trays the majority of my army.... Around 35 Terminators, 9 Chaos Chosen, 12 Obliterators, and 4 squads of CSMs. Also is my Chapter Master (counts as Abbadon) and my Slaneshi Jump Chaplain as well as 20 Raptor jump troops.

I really oushed to fit as much as possible in these two containers. This is all the WH40K I'll have with me for probably a month or two... Minus and additions I make while back in the states... And I want to be able to play from the git go. With no mech I won't be playing any competitive lists, but no bother... I just want to get some games in.
My squad of 5 magnetized terminators really took the cake here. Managed to fit 4 of them into one biker space. :D

You really gotta love battlefoam. I ordered an extra Terminator and Assault Marine insert a few weeks back in preparation of this move. Having packed all my Assault Marines (raptors) in the other foam insert, I had 20 spaces to spare which I was easily able to double up normal CSMs in. Awesome!

Made a new addition to the side of the blog. I'm not posting books I've recently read, ratings, and what book I'm currently reading. I'd like to post some book reviews as well, but my writing is so out of practice I really can't bare to embarrass myself here. Having been out of school for thee and a half years (minus some b/s online college), my writing abilities are pretty sorry. I full well intend to fix that when I start attending college next year as part of my post-military life. August 2010 can't come soon enough!


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