Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reset the Clock!

Today I'll leave you with a little treat I found while reading Dan Ambnett's Ravenor Omnibus. He drops a lovely little easter egg in chapter 3 of Ravenor Rouge. In it Ravenor's contracted ship master is discussing his family's supposed origins which appear to be rooted in popular myth of the 40k universe.

'it is much derailed, in places high and low,' she heard the shipmaster saying, 'that there ever was a race of beings of the name the squats, and many scholams and those of the high mindful claim it's just a myth, a thing that never was, but my direst old grand avuncular sweared to me that the Unwerth lineament has some timbre of that blood in it, right back in all perspective, I mean...'
-Ravenor: The Ominbus; pg. 693.
Oh Mr. Abnett, how could you!

For those of you who have yet to read Ravenor, I highly suggest you purchase a copy as soon as possible. It's a truly enjoyable read. Pick up a copy of Eisenhorn while you're at it. You won't be disappointed.


  1. I second that motion! I just got to that part in the omnibus myself. I have become quite addicted to his writing style. I think I would read his grocery lists if he got them published.

  2. Dan Abnett is a truly talented writer, there is no mistaking that. Same goes for a good few of the Black Library's writers, but Abnett definitely stands head and shoulders above the crowd.
    "The Grocery List", a Dan Abnett novel. Haha. I'm sure their would most certainly be some plot twists he could work into that.