Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bloodraven and Khorne Berserkers

My chaos warband has finally been refitted to follow the BA codex! Now sporting three razerbacks, a storm raven and small contingent of jump troops; its a force to be reckoned with.

The center tank is actually a heavy flamer razerback. I liked the flamestorm cannon so much I had to keep it.
Used the spare heavy bolter sponsons from the Baal Pred to jerry rig my two rhinos into basic razerbacks as well. The weapon just sits on top for now, but I'll add magnets later for it to clamp on securely. They easily can be swapped out for heavy flamers as well.

Blood for the blood god!

Lascannon with multimelta. The MM is magnetized on. I want to work something out to replace the laz with plasma... No plasma cannon bits at the moment though. :(

And on the back you may notice the docking clamps for dreadnaught transport. I opted not to bother making it with magnets for an actually dread to really fit there, too much of a hassal. My dread will just sit on the tableside until its release.
Speaking of the dread, I'm contemplating getting a FW World Eaters dread with an extra CC arm. Its either that or a plastic iron clad.


  1. That is a friggin cool ass conversion for the Valkyrie. I've see peeps try to make it sleek, turn it into a helicopter and the like but this has to be one of the best.

    Very, very well done mate!

  2. how did u make the storm raven??