Monday, April 12, 2010

Blood for the Blood God!

As it would appear, this blog has clawed its way up from 6 ft below the gaming table and risen again. A terrible spill whilst partying in Europe had sent the young blogger crashing to the ground with a broken leg... Unable to stand for months... And hence, unable to game. All motivation for 40k stopped then and there.

Blood Angels arrived!

However, the red of this codex was not that of the Blood Angels! In fact, it had been tainted! These were Khorne Berserkers! What madness was this? And they have a mini thunderhawk!? My passion for gaming has been reborn!

Now as my leg heals and I can stand once more, the tables call for me yet again.


  1. I thought you jarheads culd drink.

    Welcome back to the fold.

  2. We can... But sometimes copious amounts of Whiskey result in stupidity. Running down a snowy street piss drunk at 2 in the morning with a chick on your back is not the brightest of ideas. :O