Tuesday, April 20, 2010

He Care Not the Color So Long as the Blood Flows

And tonight it flowed like rivers...

First game of my BA Codex Khorne Army went very well tonight, minus the fact it ended after four turns due to time constraints. I paired off against a Tyranid Tervigon list and faired much better than I could have possibly expected. Game type was the capture objective (5 this game) one. Dawn of War deployment. I won the roll and elected to go second. 1850 point lists.

Turn 1: I reserve everything. My opponent starts spawning masses of Termagaunts. He reserves two Trygons and Doom.

Turn 2: Opponent spawns more Termagaunts and his Trygons come in around the center of the board between three objectives. He moves some hordes up towards my edge.
My Death Co Stormraven comes in guns a blazing as Lemartes and the Death Co jump out. A few small buggers go down to the Stormravens shooting. Death Co lights up a swarm of Termagaunts on the nearest objective, downing two before rushing into assault. The annihilate the buggers.

Turn 3: Opponent's Doom lands towards the center of my territory, starts working its way towards the Death Co. Ole One Eye comes in behind a swarm of Termagaunts. Trygon and some other buggers pop off shots at the Stormraven to no avail. More bugs are spawned and begin rushing towards the Death Co as a Tervigon, Trygon and One Eye do the same.
Death Co Dread leaps out of the Stormraven and lights up 7 Termaguants with his Heavy Flamer, opponent pulls the models to prevent assault. Death Co fires at Trygon and charge! They strip it of several wounds but fail to kill it this turn.
One Heavy Bolter Razerback with Assault Squad and Sang Priest arrive on the far side of the board where only two squads of Termagaunts guard two objectives. The squad hops out and everyone opens fire. A few bugs drop.
Sanguinor also came in and aided the Death Co in their battle.

Turn 4: Trygon battles on with the Death Co and is joined by Ole One Eye. Together they drop the majority of the Death Co, but the fight rages on.
My opponent rushes my Assault Squad with his unit of Gaunts, I take one casualty but dish out a lot more. Some bugs and stuff spawn in various places as well and amble towards various congregations.
My Jump squad comes in as well as my last two Razerbacks. The two Razerbacks rush towards the center to aid the Dreadnaught in seizing the objectives there. The Heavy Flame Razerback wipes a squad of 'gaunts off the table.
Death Co finish off the Trygon and One Eye, but are downed by Doom. Two marines in the Razerbacks also die from his scream. The assault squad on the far side mop of the rest of the 'gaunts they were in battle with and seize the objective. The Jump Squad stand by to move on the next objective the following turn (that never came :( ).
Dreadnaught goes insane and charges the largest mob of 'gaunts on the table and downs four of them. His blood talons generate 4 more attacks and kill another four. Rinse, repeat, 4 more down. Another four attacks splatter more bugs and there are no more in range for the assault.

At this point I have one object, my opponent has 3. I stand ready to seize one of the center objectives and another on the far right side if we were to continue, but due to time constraints the game ended.

- Death Dread with Blood Talons is a BEAST! Sixteen skulls for the skull throne in one fell swing.
- Lemartes and Co; 360 pt squad downs 460 points of bug, throw in the 60 pts of Termagaunts from before and they've definitely earned their keep.
- Stormraven was very pretty, got lots of compliments and made it very easy for me to get to any unit to assault safely. It also ate a ton of fire and went by relatively unharmed.

- Time constraints. This could have easily been my first win.
- Traffic. I had to run 20 miles north to pick up a dreadnaught model before the game... 10 minutes to get there, 50 to get back. Grrrr. DC traffic blows.

Overall, great night. Easily the best game night I've ever had.
Also learned that the GW Springfied, VA is holding an Apoc event this weekend in commemoration of their third birthday. 1500 point limit per player though... I'm tempted to show up with my Obliterator Cult of Destruction. I've only got 12 Oblits at the moment, but if I had 15 it'd be a done deal. :D


  1. Unlucky on the time. :(

    Did you think the Razors did well overall?

  2. They all did well in the aspect of keeping troops safe, whether they be embarked or hiding behind the vehicle. As far as killiness goes, only the heavy flamer did well. TL HF is very toasty.