Friday, April 16, 2010

GW Delivers Fast!

Got a nice little box in the mail today stock full of goodies. One Valk, one Baal Pred and a unit of Death Co. The Valk and Pred chassis are going to be combined to scratch build my Stormraven. I could have gone with a Rhino to save myself some expense, but I really wanted the extra bits that came with the Pred. Not any old Pred either, I got the one with the Flamestorm Cannon. I love the smell of napalm in the morning. ;)

The Death Co set comes chock full of lovely bits and tons of detail! GW has really stepped up their quality, I'm impressed. I bought this mainly for the Inferno Pistols and Hand Flamer bits, but I've found some great uses for the other bits as well.
There are some body parts with flowing scrolls and honor seals galore! I decided to use these bits for my Khornate Priests. Giving them a kind of Chaplainy look, but intended to fulfill the role of Sanguinary Priests. Throw in some chain axes and Khorne symbols and they're set. Love it.

At the moment my work desk is a bit crowded... I've managed to accumulate over 40 troops to build now. Plenty of bits to customize any model practically any which way I'd like. Love it. Also pushes me wayyyy over the company size for my warband. Including the unassembled troops, I now have approximate 120 men. Throw in my retinue of Terminators and I have a formidable sized force. There's about 40 Terminators or so in all.

Right now my pet project is a dynamically posed Berserker. He's holding up a severed Ultramarine he impaled with his claws and is bringing around his bolt pistol to finish the kill. I need to pin the claw arm to the models torso and green stuff some entrails hanging down from the smurf. I hate smurfs.


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