Thursday, April 15, 2010

Diving into Blood Angels

Now of course my Blood Angels aren't really Blood Angels, they're obviously going to be something dark and nasty and dedicated in large part to the Blood God. Only one unit in this force will be legitimate Khorne Berkserkers, and they're to be the center piece of this army.
This isn't meant to be a competitive list, it's merely the quickest list I can get on the table with the resources I have available. As the majority of my mech is still sitting with my possessions of in the middle east, I have very limited options available to me.

List: 1850 pts

HQ: Winged Champion of Chaos (Sanguinator, Exemplar of the Host) 275pts

- Assault Squad w/Melta 110pts
- Razerback 20pts
- Assault Squad w/Melta 110pts
- Razerback 20pts

- Khorne Berserkers (Death Company (x10)) 200pts
+ Pwpn, Pfist, Inferno Pistol, Hand Flamer (15, 25, 15, 10) 65pts
+ Chaplain Lemartes 150pts
- Stormraven Gunship w/ Extra Armor 215pts
- Khornate Dread (Death Co Dread) w/ Hvy Flamer 135pts

- Assault Squad 100pts
+5 Troops 90pts
+Hand Flamer (Sgt) 10pts
+Flamer (x2) 20pts

- Priests of the Skull Throne (Sang Priests) x3 150pts
+Jump Pack (one) 25pts
+Combi Wpns (x3) 30pts

That leaves 35 points left over for any other wargear I may want to tack on.
I'll need to play test it to see if I've overloaded the Death Co... Don't want them to run into assault and completely toast the enemy that turn and be open to fire the following.

Also, I'm unsure of whether or not the Death Co can actually take the Stormraven Gunship for a transport because its not a dedicated transport.

This list has a low model count and not much shooting power, but I'm hoping with the Stormraven I can rush in hard enough that it shouldn't be a problem.
I choose the Sanguinator as my HQ not so much for his stats, but his +1 atk buff he gives troops within 6 inches. I figure 5 furious charging Assault Marines with FNP and an additional attack would be pretty hard hitting, don't you?


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