Friday, April 30, 2010

A Steal Deal!

My 1520 (Empty) Battlefoam Pack came in today and guess what! It came with an extra little treat; pluck foam! Wooohoooo! Now I can make a foam tray that fits my Stormravens.

Now here comes the awesome sauce. I got the pack off Amazon at $154.00 including shipping and handling. Not a bad price, slightly cheaper than buying it direct from Battlefoam. The pack with pluck foam however retails at $185.00, or $212.00 including partial shipping within the US. Woah! I save close to 50 bucks! Happy Schnitzel! :D

Also, Tuesday was of course 40k night at my FLGS and I showed up with my C:BA Khorne Berserkers that I've prepped for 'Ard Boyz. Threw down dice against a Tau player who had greatly overestimated me.

"Oh noes, assault army!" -Tau
"Rawr, tastes like chicken" -Khorne Berserkers

But how did it really play out?

"Reserve everything, let them shoot at thin air and then we swoop in and remove their heads!" -Khorne Berserkers
"Ha! They reserved everything! Lets blow them to bits as the drop in piecemeal. Marklights!"

Well, foolish nooby mistake on my part. There were other mistakes I made too, but it was a valuable learning experience. The Tau player was a very good sport, gave me some advice for list building and such and pointed out some things I should not do in games (ie; reserve against gunlines). Hats off to him for sportsmanship.

And once again I received a plethora of comments on my Stormravens. They do seem to be popular.

Tomorrow its off to the FLGS once more (this time with an easier means of carrying my army) for either some 'Ard Boyz practice or a pick-up Apoc game. Should be fun.


  1. Nice grab yo!

    Thanks for the heads up about buying it on amazon. I've been eying one of these bad boys for awhile now.

  2. No probs.
    These bags are amazing. Very sturdy and easy to lug around. Love it.