Friday, April 23, 2010


Cash splurge! Argh! I'm such an impulsive spender. :O

Today I finally got around to buying a battlefoam carry case. Can't wait. On the upside, I got the big on at a $30-40 discount. :)

New Valk came in today as well. I'll get started on converting it to a Stormraven tomorrow.

Did manage to start on the Warhound today.... I got two toes down. Cardstock Warhound is meh... But after this is finished I'll either reinforce it with plasticard or make a new one from scratch with plasticard.

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  1. You too? Man I can't wait to go spend some money. In fact I'm leaving right now to do so! What am I going to buy? I don't know! I just got money in my pocket screaming SPEND ME, SPEND ME!!!