Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's Like Plucking the Heads Off Dandalions

Made my way out to my FLGS today for some more 'Ard Boyz practice and paired off against a fairly nasty looking Nids list. Not entirely sure what all was in the list, I just know it had 24 deep striking elite choice genestealers, a tun of termagaunts, a tervigon, and some really big bugs that shot large templates at me. Tyranofexes maybe? Not really important in the long run, they're skulls grace the throne of Khorne now. :P

Anyways, as I forget the majority of the game's details there will be no bat rep today. Just know I slipped by with a last turn objective grab and contest with my fast rhino and razerback. Highlights of course were my Death Co Dreads slaughtering termagaunts and genestealers in mass. My Lemartes Death Co also performed well, but Astaroth and his Death Co were unfortunately cut down as their transport was surrounded by two mobs of genestealers and blown up.

My Vindicator actually accomplished a bit today too as my opponant was graciouos enough to concede to my belief that the Demolisher Cannon is intended to be a Large Blast weapon. Managed to blow away a hand full of Gaunts and Warriors with it. Yay boom stick!

And that brings us to the next bit.... Rule bending power gamers. There's a discussion going on my gaming groups forum about the rules for the BA Vindicator. The big wigs of the gaming group, who come off as WAAC players to me, all side that the D Cannon is a S10 direct shot weapon. This couldn't have anything to do with them playing IG platoon mobs or Nid swarm lists could it? Very irritating. Below is my response in the forum.

I'm a late comer to this, but I gotta throw in my two cents.
It's obviously a misprint. Who in their right mind will take a 140ish point tank thats a one trick pony? Yeah its S10 and Fast, but it's just not worth it. Would it really surprise you if it was meant to be a Large Blast? Seriously, take a look at other "broken" things, Blood Talon Death Dreads and re-rolling Death Co for example.
Also, while I was at the Springfield GW yesterday they insisted on the ruling being a Large Blast and that I play it that way. Unfortunately for me, a direct shot would have benefited me greatly, but I'm definitely going to side with them on that one. Heck, even one of my friends from Wien (currently working at Germany's GW HQ) claims this is a misprint in the ruling and will be faq'd.

Essentially, to deny your opponent the Blast template when he's shooting at your blob of models is cheese. Its a load of rubbish rule bending and power gaming. Personally, I don't care what any one would think of me for doing this but if another player were to refuse me the blast template I'm going to pack up my plastic soldiers and move on. If winning is so important to you that you're going to bend the rules in your favor then I have no desire to play with you. Period.

And there you have it, my stance on the matter.
Thanks for reading.


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