Tuesday, May 18, 2010

'Ard Boyz Round One BatRep W/ Pictures!

I actually remembered that I had my camera in my game bag this time around. This was my second 'Ard Boyz in two days, the first being Game Parlor Woodbridge and this one being at Game Vault in Fredricksburg. Awesome store btw. I finished mid-ranks at GPW and seventh at Game Vault. A one BP loss in round three cost me third place! :O

Anyways... Round one, Objectives! Five on the field of course, I win first turn and place three objectives on the center and towards my deployment. My opponent places two towards his deployment zone.
I place three Stormravens for my deployment, reserve my plasma tac squad and my opponent deploys his entire gunline Guard army. :D

Turn one I manuever my birds around, unleash a torrent of fire and pop a vehicle or two and move one Death Co Stormraven up close to his platoon mob. I drop a dread out, fleet it up withing 6 inches and assault! Dun dun dun! Carnage ensues as the only model that can harm the dread is the Old Man.

 On his turn he does a bunch of shooting, accomplishing near to nothing. :P
I finish off his mob and only the Old Man is left standing. Blood Talons rule.

My turn two, I move a bird and drop a Death Co which do some killing and work on popping more tanks. I also kill off the Old Man and consolidate my Dread.
His turn two he drops some Vets behind my mob, blows up a bird and unleashes a torrent of AP3 fire into my Death Co. Rules debate ensued about me not getting FNP as there is no armor save, I win out and get FNP. Still lost a couple bodies though.

I don't remember much of the rest of the game, only that I dropped more dreads that mopped up his troops left and right. I pop a couple more tanks, kill more guard and claim three objectives as my combat squaded tac squad came on. I more or less lost a dread to Straken, but Straken dies (although his squad lived), and a tank hides one objective underneath it. He moves a squad to claim said objective, contests one of mine with his Russ and Old Man comes back alive repeatedly and assault a two man combat squad to contest one of my objectives, he dies yet again and I claim it. I also claim a second with my assault squad.

Game finishes with my opponent missing the majority of his army, me claiming two objectives, him contesting one and claiming one. Minor victory. Bah. After I outplayed the hell out of him I should have managed better. Oh well.

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