Tuesday, May 11, 2010

High Hopes for 'Ard Boyz

Any one else notice that putting the "H" in 'Ard Boyz makes it sound completely wrong?:P

So, I just got back from 40k nights at my FLGS and am feeling pretty good. Only played one game as I was playing 2500pt only, and by time the first finished every one was either already playing or didn't think we had time. Oh well, I was pretty tired anyways.

So I played against this fellow who runs 'Nids. Same guy I beat two weeks ago, slightly tweaked list for him and totally revamped list for me. Rolled for scenarios and got scenario one. Bummer, I really wanted to try out either two or three, but I got a taste of both anyways.

On the objective placement we situated them all on one quarter of the board. In my deployment zone too for the most part. Haha. I won the roll to go first btw. Strarted off with two Stormravens moving 6 inches and unloading a total of 8 missiles into some MCs. Managed to down one of 'em right off the bat to my opponents dismay. My third Stormraven jetted across the table and unloaded the Death Dread on some unsuspecting Termigaunts who were promptly slaughtered.

Honestly, every turn afterwards was me jetting around and running Dreads out of Stormravens and into assault. I tabled the guy by turn five... well, he had a squad of Ymgarl Genestealers in reserve, a Tervigon and Carnifex left, but he conceded at this point. I on the other hand had only lost one Death Dread, five Tac Marines (of ten), and 6 Death Company Marines (of a squad of eight). I scored well over 1000 victory points, claimed two (woulda been three) objective and gave him near nothing.

My thoughts.... Stormravens ROCK!
Think about it.... Alpha strike capabilities with four 72" missiles, anti-melta armor, fast skimmer, PotMS, free twin linked melta and your choice of either TL Lascan, Plascan or Asscan. Throw in twelve passengers and a dread along with it being an assault vehicle... Its worth every point. Manuever them around a bit, pop transports and pick and choose who, where and when you want to assault. These things are beasts!

My list looked something like this:


-Chaplain (with Assault Squad)
-Sang Priest x2  Power Weapon//Combi-Plas (one with Assault Squad, one with Tac Squad)
-Furioso Dread w/ Hvy Flamer and Blood Talons (in Stormraven with Assault Squad)

-Death Co w/ Lemartes (2 PWps, 1 Inferno Pistol, 1 PFist) in Stormraven
-Death Dread w/ Hvy Flame and Blood Talons in Stormraven
-Death Co w/ Astaroth (2 Pwps, 1 Inferno, 1 Pfist) in Stormraven
-Death Dread w/ Hvy Flame and Blood Talons in Stormraven
-Assault Squad (8 man, PWpn Sgt w/ Pwpn Sang Priest and Chappy) in Stormraven
-Tac Squad (Plascan, Plasma, Combi-plas Sgt w/ Combi-plas Sang Priest)

Tac squad was reserved and walked onto the board. Their concentrated plasma fire, especially at rapid fire range (nabbed a squad of genestealers with 'em) is deadly! FNP makes them great. Papa Nurgle would be pleased.

Over all, very satisfying game. For me at least. My opponent was cool as always and helped me out with punching the numbers as thats my one weak point in this game still. I always struggle to remember what rolls to hit and wound are unless I have the WS and S/T chart in front of me. Great guy.
Having performed so well in what I expected to be my weakest scenario I am rather confident that I'll do fairly well this weekend. Only time will tell.


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