Friday, May 21, 2010

Let LOS Be Damned! Incoming Terrain.

Just spent a bit of time over at TerrainScapes looking for cheap, LoS blocking terrain that I can bring to the table for my weekly gaming addiction. As it stand, my gaming group lacks LoS blocking terrain for every one to have a suitable playing field on Tuesdays, so I've decided to go the route and get some of my own. One play who did the same recommended a website for me, but I forgot it and so went with googling around instead. He had a decent set of terrain that costed 'bout $100, so I figure that'd be the price I'd search for as well. Well, lo and behold I found some!

I decided to go with the Martian Buttes set, two of 'em and an Arch. Costs $110, plus $20 shipping. Not bad, I'm very pleased to be honest.

Swing by their site by clicking the link I posted above and give it a look. They've got some great stuff and at reasonable pricing too.


  1. They're good looking sets, but I'm always a little scared of scaling. Any chance you'll be posting pics of them next to your own models for size comparison shots?

  2. I won't have 'em for a few days still, but if you go to the page I linked to you can see some customer submitted photo's that have the terrain on table with a 40k game going on.

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