Friday, May 21, 2010

The Horror of Painting White

Made a trip up to GW today and picked up painting again. I've decided for my paint scheme that normal marines will be Pre-Heresy World Eaters while my Death Co will be Khorne Berserker color scheme. As I've never painted white before and thought the Pre-Heresy would look cooler, I started with them... Ugh.
Painting white is a long and drawn out process! I'm painting my "junk" squad that I bartered off a fellow local gamer as they were already primed and not the best looking. Good for testing out how to paint white. Its been pretty rough and time consuming so far.
I basecoated with Astronomican Grey and after trial and error testing have come to 1:3:1 Astro Grey/ Skull White/ Water mix for the first coating of white. I then follow up with a 1:1 mix of Skull White / Water. Time consuming, but it doesn't look bad. In fact, as I'm now on my third mini it's looking pretty good. Definitely going to stick with this method for the rest.
I also went with a 1:1 Foundation Blue / Water for the shoulder pads, "bunny ear" trim and power pack. I'll need to pick up some Asuruman Blue wash to give it the dark blue look that they should have. I'll be highlighting with Enchanted Blue.
I might also work in some silver in places as well as the usual Boltgun Metal on the weapons. Both paints I forgot to buy of course. :P

I've also decided for my Sanguinary Priests to paint them in the manner of Khorne Berserkers, however one shoulder pad will be solid white in the manner of a Apothecary.

Over all I must say I'm pretty excited to be starting on this project.


  1. I would say your best bet is getting some kind of light gray primer. Condolences on painting white though, she is a cruel mistress.

  2. I feel your pain. I've just started practicing painting my Heresy-era White Scars - ouch.

    Are you already on ? Lots of great Pre-Heresy stuff there.

  3. Yup, white's a pain. Just working on some Eagle Warriors, and the blue half is so easy to paint compared to the white half

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