Friday, May 7, 2010

'Ard Boyz Scenarios Out

GW just released the scenarios for this years 'Ard Boyz, which can be found here.

Mission one is a five objective counter sort, which bodes ill for me with my two scoring units. Best I can manage is a Major Victory, but that's only if I slaughter my opponent off the objectives and claim two to zero.
Mission two is Victory Points, which could bode very will with me as my units are all very killy... Or very bad as my death stars are pretty expensive. :O
Mission three is KPs, but units than can move more than 6 inches in a single phase of a turn are worth 6. Yikes! Very bad for me despite my low model count. I think I can manage it while keeping my scoring units out of harms way though... Trying to figure out what changes to make to cut down the KPs I bring to the table though.
Over all I'd say I'm running a good 30% to 50% chance of performing well... Tomorrow's test runs will see...

Also, learned that the Stormraven has some nice alpha strike capabilites. The four bloodstrike missiles count as seperate weapons! That means so long as I move 6 inches or less, I can fire 4 missiles and everything else! With a 72 inch range on 'em, S8 and PotMS, I can hopefully drop 3 tanks on turn one and cripple my opponents mech abilities. If I manage that I think moving flat out and creating a double envelopment shouldn't be too hard and I can just mop 'em up. Seventy two inces is the entire length of the board after all... on a 4'x6' board anyways.


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