Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Afriel Strain Guard

Awhile back before the new IG Codex game out, AstroMag released issue #4. Inside it had a section on Abhuman doctrines from WD 304 and one in particular caught my eye. The Afriel Strain. Essentially these are some weird "clone" experiment of the IG greats such as the Lord Solar Macharius. They perform amazingly, however they attract animosity from allies and enemies alike and tend to come upon bad luck. Whether their "bad luck" is actually "bad luck" or commanders sticking them in un-winnable situations purposefully remains to be answered, however they are amazing soldiers none the less. Awesome conversions to boot as well.
AstroMag suggest SM Scout legs and heads, Catachan arms, and Cadian torsos for the conversion. I used all of those, CSM top-knot heads and SM power packs with wargear added. The powerpacks had the bottom and side exhausts trimmed off to give a more "backpac-esque" look. Worked out fairly well IMHO.


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