Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alpha Legionaires Finished

After a couple mornings for painting prior to work I've managed to wrap things up on my Alpha Legion squad. The only thing they're missing is their flamers/melta guns. Fortunately those just arrived (along with my bits box and modeling tools) in the mail today from Vienna. Woohoo. Gotta love government shipping. ;)

Now without further ado, my completed squad.
Things I need to keep in mind for future works; Take Your Time!
I tend not to water down my paints enough so that I can get a thicker, albeit detail obscuring, layer of paint. This only tends to happen when I do batch painting though. When I keep to one model at a time I tend to stick to dry brushing and glazing techniques.

The chaplain model to the right is my one of my ICs, Seti Ubaid. He's not really a IC but a Slaneshi Jump Lord with Lash. Yes, I'm a cheezey bastards. According to chapter fluff he's one of the original members of the "Imperial Light" (former chapter name while still loyal) before they fell from grace. He's still devoted to the Emperor, as are many of his surviving chapter brethern, however he has sold his soul to the dark lords to appease the ruinous powers to give him and his brothers safe transport through the warp. Devoutly loyal and faithful, tragically doomed for his compassion. Love it. He's got some possessed C:SM wings somewhere, just need to find a way to magnetize them to his back.

Up next on my agenda, finish my Dark Wolves since I finally have glue to fix the last Marine again. Then on to their Rhino.


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