Thursday, August 27, 2009

Converting Obliterators!

One of my absolute favorite Chaos unit choices is the Obliterator. They're just so damn bad ass! And insanely versatile to boot, well worth a measly 75 points a piece. Two wounds, basic space marine stats and every weapon to choose from. Lovely! Deep strike, slow and purposeful! Move and shoot! Lascannons ahoy! Multi-melta them closer tanks! Twin link roast some fools! Or crank up the heat with the heavy flamer! :D

Today I found my surplus of green stuff. Two huge tubes of it. What did that mean to me? Painting is kept on hold and a new squad of Oblits are in demand. I want to push my count up to Twelve this week. Mwahahaha!

I never cared for the fleshed out monster look of the GW models. And they're so ridiculously expensive I could never shell out the cash to feild an adequate number of them. Thats when I turned to google... I didn't find any decent tutorials so I made my first scratch built Oblit, and boy was he caked with green stuff.... I tried to make him look 'fleshed out', but it resulted in a tree bark look.
Shortly there after Black Matt posted some tutorials on scratch building Oblits. I was inspired to try again, so try I did! I've cranked out a lot since then, and I feel my work has improved slowly over time. Hopefully soon I'll amass a suitable sized force as I mentioned in my previous post.
Enjoy some more photos. ;)


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