Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FOC and Paint Tracker

Saw this on one of the blogs I follow. Had to give it a spin myself since its so nifty.
EDIT: Admiral Drax's Blog

Image lists every model I've built in more warband, has room for expansion and shows the state every model is in not to mention the equipment. Very handy for me when writing lists while at work since I always forget what weapons my terminators have.

In other news, I got a bit distracted again this morning. Didn't quiet feel like painting since I don't know what to do with the Rhino on my table, so I instead fooled around with my Afriel Strain IG. Got a box of Cadians, Catachans and SM Scouts. Scout Legs + Cadian Torso + Catachan Arms + SM Packs + various bits. Used a top knot CSM head for the first one... looks slick. Pics to come.


  1. Hey dude,
    Do you have a link available for this paint tracker? Cheers,

  2. Its actually a simple excel sheet that I printscreened and pasted into a jpg. lol. Fairly simple to pull off, just write up a master key to show what the various colors and abreviations stand for and fill in each cell as such.
    I'll write up a more detailed tutorial here in the near future.