Friday, August 14, 2009

Painting Progress

Well, I promised pictures so here they are. Took me darn long enough. But excuses aside....

On my painting table thats so neatly wrapped in plastic wrap from the kitchen we have the rest of my Skyrar's Dark Wolves C:SM squad. For their pain scheme I went with a base coat of Catachan Green and Shadow Grey for the blue segments. Some models got a light drybrushing of SpaceWolf Grey over the Shadow Grey... but I got lazy towards the end and stopped with that.

One model broke in transit to Oman and won't be painted till I put him back together. (I'm outa glue and being lazy. :p)

Here is the rest of the squad. I really should learn to take better pictures btw. Haha.

Sgt with Power Weapon, two CCW C:SMs and a melta gunner. I'm not a fan of glueing special weapons onto the models, they fit in nicely enough on their own. If they have any problem staying set a small bit of sticky tac will help. I like to be able to switch between melta and flamers for list building.

And no, these are no exactly WYSIWYG. Stupid rule... I don't have the patience to dig up all those ammo pouches and grenades and such. "Heretic!" I know.

Now I'll leave you with some pictures of the rest of my squads I'm in the process of paint.

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