Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where was I....

Been slacking on the hobby work the past few days... work tempo is picking up and my time gets very tight when I'm working evenings. A lot of my free time is invested into going to the gym and keeping my (currently) long distance relationship alive. Its a rough life being a Marine.

Anyways.... been plowwing along at a decent pace with Abnett's Eisenhorn series. Got only two more chapters of the first book... I'm loving it. Gives a much deeper look into life in the grim dark of 40k. With other novels all you ever really see it war, but with Eisenhorn you get the chance to see what the norm of living is like in a peaceful locale of the Imperium. Still grim dark, but not full of despair. I like it.

I obviously am not the most talented of writers. I've noticed my writing style has degressed substantially over the past three years... I'm so relieved that I'll be free to return to higher education in a year. Not that I can't attend university now... I've tried online course, however the disapoint me terribly. Out of the three classes I've done, none were challenging enough to really captivate me... I feel more like these online universities are degree mills. They'll give just about any one a passing grade so long as they complete their work.

On my hobby table things have been slow as I've mentioned. Been conducting work... Arms dealings with a Rouge Trader whom I know only as Gener Suft.
Alright... that was pretty lame. Truth be told, I'm committing heresy. Green Stuff molds... nothing big really... just some purity seals, melta bombs and flamers. The big item is the flamers... I don't have enough of them to adequately arm my forces and they're too hard to aquire at a reasonable price... Shame on me I know... But, to each his own.

And now, back to Eisenhorn. Terribly hard to put this book down.


  1. actually, if you like Eisenhorn, you will ADORE the Ravenor Series.. way better than Eisenhorn.

  2. I disagree, Ravenor was a let down after Eisenhorn - Both good series, but Eisenhorn is much more in depth - you are going to love some of the action in the second and third books.

  3. Fortunately I bought both omnibus' at the same time. Ravenor is sitting on my desk corner waiting for me to finish Eisenhorn.

  4. I'm currently reading Ravenor (about 1/4 of the way through the 3rd book). While I enjoy it, I think I enjoyed Eisenhorn more--not to say that Ravenor isn't enjoyable, just that Eisenhorn is a bit better.

    It seems to me that Ravenor is more about the bad guys, whereas Eisenhorn focuses on the main character himself.