Friday, August 21, 2009

Still Working on My Distraction

My IG squad recieved yet more attention from me today. Decided since I only have enough bits (scout legs) to make 5 men, and I'm already 3 deep I should get started on my Veteran Sergeant. For a bunch of hard nosed apes like these, who better than GySgt Harker!?
Coincidently, his new model is available for pre-order on GW's site as of today. Screw that though, I don't like the big bulky monstrosity look. I want my Gunny to be built like your average grunt, only difference between him n the rest is he's freaking HARD! This dude should make Rambo look like a pansy!

A tad blurry still, I know. I don't have a proper photo box nor a decent camera. Just gotta live and make due.


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