Sunday, August 30, 2009

Look What Just Came In The Mail

Got some goodies in the mail today. Finally my copy of Planet Strike (yay), some more Chaos Terminators (more yay), glue (whooohooo) and a new pair of clippers to replace the pair my buddy left at the GW in Vienna. :p
Also got some Land Raider upgrade kits. My original intention was to use them for my oblits... chopping them up and such, but after looking at them I don't think I could bare to do that... yet... Haha.
I'm thinking maybe I'll convert one of my Rhino's into a Predator. Is the CSM Predator any good? What would be a decent load out for it? Hmmm.... I'll have to look into that. Deffinately going to make it a Rhino that transforms into a Pred by means of magnets though. Darn behicles are too expensive. Haha.
Whats this? Why, looks like a bunch of skulls! And green stuff? Molds! Time for scenic basis! Whats more suiting of a base for an Obliterator than a floor covered in the skulls of his victimes? I'm gonna try to get as much of my money's worh out of these skulls as possible.
And finally, my latest Obliterator. This one was made using mostly the bits from my new Terminator box. He's got a CombiFlamer with a Meltagun undertow on one arm and a PowerFist toting a Plasmagun and Lascannon on the other arm. Sorry for the blurry picture. I really need to set up a proper photo box. That'll be one of my first tasks when I rotate back to the states.


  1. Forgot in Vienna? Interesting- where are you from? I play in Klagenfurt.

  2. I'm actually from the US. Military man, just spent roughly 9 months working there. Got another year left on my contract and I'll be moving back to Vienna for at least another 4 years.
    I played at the Mariahilferstrasse store in Vienna btw. Westbahnhoff area.

  3. Interesting. There is a large gameclub over there if you care. Its called World of Warhammer (WOW) and has a website on it's own