Tuesday, August 25, 2009

General Musings

Been a bit slow on my painting lately. At the moment my work schedule really clogs up my free time which I unfortunately can't make much room for painting in. However, I did manage to accomplish painting one Terminator in my chapter colors. I forgot how much a pain they are compared to simple marines!

Been reading a lot of batreps in the blogosphere lately. Lots of cool ideas floating around out there... got me looking through my C:SM codex yet again for new tatica. Normally I run interference with Flame toting Rapter Squads, but I'm looking into Infiltrating Chosen with Icons and Flamers instead. Maybe a detachment of 3 Terminators deep striking to really light things up.
Also been wondering... I know 'shooty' Marines are not the best of lists to run but.... Hmmm... A shooty list of Noise Marines with Lash HQs to keep the opponent in optimum range? I do want to try out a single squad of Noise Marines some time just to get a feel of it.

Turns out one of my fellow Marines (real life Marines) might be interested in learning to play 40k. That'd boost 40k players in this country by 200%! Haha.
I'm looking at building a SM list and a C:SM list at 500 pts a peice. I want to keep them both as simple as possible so at to ease the guy in.

Also, finished the Soul Drinkers Omnibus recently. Over all it was a decent read, I wouldn't have ever finished it otherwise. As it progressed it started to grow stale though. The first book was fairly captivating, the second interesting and the third seemed to be just the same package redone. The preview snippit at the end of the 4th book however has piqued my interest. I'd buy it now.... but I'm afraid that will have to wait. My Eisenhorn and Ravenor Omnibus's are in!


  1. That's the thing about series - once you're invested, no matter how stale it becomes, you want to know how it all ends. Something like closure... As long as it has a suitably epic ending though, staleness can be forgiven - until you think about re-reading it, that is...

    A 500pt game sounds like a good basis for introducing someone to the game. Unless he expects you to though, try not to beat him - loosing your first game (at least really badly) is one of the most discouraging things you can experience - especially if you haven't gone through the effort of making the models you use yourself.

    Would you include Obliterators in the Noise Marine list? They can supply some pretty vital anti-tank power.

  2. Obliterators are practically a must have in any Chaos list IMHO. For their versatility and toughness, they really pack some bang for their buck.

    I'm trying to make both lists more or less mirrors of each other. Both should have 1 basic HQ, 1 Elite (Terminators most likely) and 2 troop choices (5 man squads). Tack on a couple war gear options like a power weapon or fist and special weapons as part of the introduction.
    I definitely don't plan on winning, but I'm not going to throw the game either. He's obviously a big boy and can take a loss if thats what happens. lol.

  3. That's cool. It happens more so with younger initiates, but there are a few people of riper years who are still like that. As they say, growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional... :D