Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chapter Fluff (REVISED)

I wrote up the first rendition of my chapter's fluff a good while back but have never posted it as it hasn't really sat right with me. Originally the cause for my chapter turned from the Imperium was that the chapter was investigated for 'heretical' acts, namely a festivilised cannibalism that stems from the chapters homeworld and recruiting pool. The chapter was issued an ultimatum to cull all members associated with it and to take up a penetence crusade. While in the midst of a hopeless battle that would spell the end of the chapter, they were rescued by Chaos Marines and have turned their backs on the Imperium since.

That did not sit well with me at all. For one, it was too far fetched. Also, it didn't have enough historical character (the chapter master is Antony the Marked after all). And to top it off, it didn't have enough depth.

Now a few days ago I was busy lurking on the BoLS forum and found a 'background story' thread. I decided to write something... motivation and inspiration kicked in and here's what we got. I present to you my new rough draft!

Name: Imperial Light (loyal name)
Later Name: The Eclypsed Light
Founding: Unknown
Status: Excommunicate Traitoris
Homeworld: Actium (Ceded in act of repentence)
Leader: (Former) Chapter Master Lucius Sulla
(Current) Antony 'the Marked'
Founders: Unknown
Warcry: "We Carry The Torch of Enlightenment!"
Colour scheme: Turquis armour with Crimson trim.

Chapter Master Sulla was a man of extremes. For him life was a matter of black and white. When ther was a battle to be fought, commitment to it was to be absolute. He shaped the chapter into a more assault unit based organization and encouraged the use of any and all methods required to accomplish the mission. He was overly proud and terribly ambitious, and for reasons unknown one day lead the chapter in open rebellion against the Imperium.
Sulla's rebellion failed miserably. None of the handful of chapters he attempted to sway to his side answered his call. He was alone and unwilling to back down from the path he choose. He met his death at the battle of Actium when his Battlebarge "The Lords Beacon" was boarded by Inquitorial Forces.
Following the death of Chapter Master Sulla, a new leader had to be chosen on the spot for purpose of negotiations of surrender with the Inquisitor at hand. None of the chapters senior members were present to elect the new Master, and thus he was chosen by the common battle brothers in arms. Brother Sergeant Antony was elected to take the mantle.
Antony and the Inquisitor spoke at lengths in private, none can be to sure the specifics. The result of which was that the Chapter would live, but must repent. Their homeworld of Actium was to be ceded to the Inquisitor, one tenth of the chapters geneseed given up, and the chapter was to embark on a hunder year penetence crusade in the eastern Austian sector.
Upon arrival in the Austian sector, Lord Antony found himself besieged by another Space Marine chapter; 'The Legion of Titans'. He was accused of being a traitor to the Imperium and was attacked at every enconter. A nine month campaign between to two chapters took place focused primarily in the Billas and Krottenbach systems. It concluded with the Legion of Titans purposefully awakening a Necron Tomb underneat the city of St. Marie as part of a trap to eradicate the Imperial Light chapter. The entire population of Billas and close to 900 battle brothers where lost as a result. The Legion of Titans escaped unscathed.
Lord Antony and the survivors of his chapter barely managed to escape with their lives. Their honor and pride had be dirtied by those who'm were of the same caste. Battle brothers had fought and killed battle brothers and the Imperial Light had be betrayed by most diabolical means. Enraged by the insult done to them, Antony and his brothers cast aside the mantle of Imperial rule and declared themselves renegades.
Since the conclussion of the Austian Incident, Antony has been a wanted fugitive. He now holds the title of 'the Marked' and has accepted into his ranks renegades from the many other chapters he has crossed paths with. To this day he has under his command detachments of Alpha Legionaires, Dark Wolves, and Reavers. They have taken to piracy with an emphasis of Space Marines as targets. They search the galaxy for Cruisers of loyalist chapters traveling alone. Easy prey with great rewards whether it be power armor, weapons, gene seed stores or willing converts to their cause. Antony the Marked has become a force to be reckoned with.

The Legion of Titans is a friends chapter of Space Marines. The planets named are based off of stores and streets in Vienna, where I was living at the time I started playing. The chapter's history is all based off of the games I played in that short span of time.Antony the Marked, the chapter home world, and the previous chapter master are all based off of historical figures and places.


  1. I like the basic premise - the only part I have trouble with is why didn't the Imperial Light marines report to the Inquisition of the Legion of Titan's actions and have them sanctioned for it?

    Perhaps to get around this you could insert a bit about them being jaded and resentful of having to give up their homeworld. Maybe Sulla decieved the chapter to what was happening so they felt unfairly punished, and were more susceptable to malign influence as a result (Tzeentch had it planned all along! ;) ).

  2. Some pretty good points there. Definately will look into this when I revise... this is only my first draft after all. ;)

    Probably will stay away from Tzeentch... don't want too many parallels to the Soul Drinkers. lol.