Thursday, August 27, 2009

On My Workdesk

My room isn't the neatest of places... For the first time in my entire Marine Corps career my room actually belongs to me. No crazy field day inspections, nothing. I'm free to do as I like.... and that happens to be leave my hobby stuff out and never make my bed. :p

I haver here some pictures of some of my current projects going on... woke up this morning to learn one was a complete fail. Damn you green stuff! But the rest are still good to go!

One we have is my true scale Marine that I've been working on for ages. I'm having a hard time deciding what choice of weapons and arms to go with for him.... Pretty sure I want to use him as an IC.

Up next are some various pictures of weapons amassed on my table as well as some Terminator bits. What do massive amounts of weapons and Terminator bits have in common? Well, in my world its Obliterator converts! :D

I plan on eventually fielding 15+ scratch built Obliterators for an Apoc game. At the moment I have 9 Oblits already built, spare parts for another 4 or so and another box of Choas Terminators and Land Raider upgrade sprues and various weapons on the way to bolster the numbers. I just need to nap another foam tray for Terminator sized models soon so I can safely transport all my models when I move again...

You should take a peak at page 59 in Apocalypse Reloaded. The Cult of Destruction formation is one nasty behemoth! With enough models you can reach across the board easily and snipe some baddies with the Las-Destructor, a concentrated Strength D shot! Or you could drop an AP3 (-1 AP as you model count rises) Hellstorm template! But honestly... who needs those when you could just stomp around and create mayhem!

The last picture in the line up is a crap one I took of my latest painted figure. This here is one of Antony's three surviving 1st Company 'Gypo Legionnaires'. He's part of a squad of three. The other two are only base coated at this moment, but I plan on finishing them soon.... Terminators are a damned pain to paint!


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