Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finished! Sort of...

Managed to wrap up the last of this IG Vets squad today with the addition of my Demolitions Expert. Took a lot of digging through my bits box to decide what would be a proper demo charge. I decided to go along with a 'satchel' look rather than the 'coffe mug' look I've seen featured by other players.
That rounds the squad off at five men... WAIT! Five men? Yes... I'm short on parts to build any more. Gotta order another SM Scout squad before I can continue. Think I'll order a Catachan Command Squad as well.
My squad has Harker, the Demo Expert (shotgun strapped to back), one Lasgun vet, and two Shotgun vets. I regret not converting that one lasgun into a shotgun. If I had I could easily use this as a SM Scout squad as well.

Harker looks simply bad ass! I think the demo man might need more bombs though.

The demo expert's head is a SM sergeant head. It has several service studs on the forehead that I'm going to represent successful missions/detonations in the characters career.


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